Or Maybe Not, II

   Groggily opening an emerald-colored eye that was surrounded by smeared black eyeliner, the redhead looked to her silently blaring alarm clock. It screamed at her to wake up; 5:25 pm. She had slept through the entire day again. ‘Three hours until I have to go.’ She sighed gently, yawning.

   “Nng.” She stretched on her comfortable bed, yawning once more before closing her eyes. She groaned; battle between her exhausted body and eager mind. “Fuuuuuuckkkkkk,” she groaned again, louder this time.. She heard footsteps outside her room, knowing it was her roommate outside her door. “Get up or you’ll be late again.” She groaned loud enough for the person on the opposite sighed to hear.

   “Another sleepless night?” The door opened. She nodded, knowing he could see the movement through the blankets that were still piled on her. She didn’t move very much through the night. “Ah, I apologize. Medication didn’t work?” The question hung in the air for a few seconds before she answered it with a rough voice filled with sleep.

   “I took it too late again.” There was a sigh from the male who accompanied her in the room. “I know. Don’t give me that. I know, okay?” “Sloth, you can’t be doing this to your body. It’s not healthy.” The male sat on her bed, gingerly patting placing his hand on where he thought her back was. She rolled her eyes underneath the blankets at the common nickname for everyone who knew her called her.

   “If you don’t get your suicidal ass out of bed, I’ll use your full name.” The threat hung in the air, and it made Sloth cringe. The one threat that could make Sloth give in to anything. “You wouldn’t fucking dare,” she hissed, throwing the blanket off of her head to glare at him. He looked down at her and winced at her. “Shit, Sloth. You look like shit.” She rolled her eyes. “Thanks, Miyuki. You look like peaches and cream, too.” There was a small smile on his lips at her nickname for him.

   His hand gently caressed the side of her face; fingertips brushing against purple bruises that were easily hidden with make-up. She could feel the heaviness of her make-up that was smeared down her eyes, probably making her look like a raccoon. “Which isn’t too far off from what my make-up usually looks like,” she mumbled under her breath. Miyuki gave her a questioning look, but she shook her head at him. “Who am I seeing tonight?”

   The question lingered in the air. The long-haired male pursed his lips and looked away. He didn’t want to say it, and from his reaction, she knew instantly it was him again. She couldn’t stop the cringe as the flooding of memories hit her. She looked down and trace the scars on her wrists. “He’s back again? Isn’t it the third time this week?” He gave no answer, but tilted his head near the blinds which were tightly shut against the falling sun.

When he did finally speak after a few moments of silence, it was almost breathy. “Yeah, it is.” She closed her eyes, snuggling up next to her close friend under the blankets. She did her very best not to think about it, but it didn’t stop the tears that came to her eyes as thoughts of being roughly tied to a bed and dangerously cruel things were done to her; things that were only supposed to be done once a week to keep their side of the deal. She stifled a small sob as she inhaled quietly, though shakily.

A few strands of coal-black hair fell from its neat pony tail as Miyuki leaned back onto the bed, grabbing Sloth and gingerly placing her closer next to him while she cried it all out of her system. Silent compassion. It was the only thing he knew that could help her, besides stopping it all together. ‘But that would be worst then having it continue,’ thought Miyuki to himself, silently feeling helpless and dreading what his dearest, youngest friend had to be put through.

Or Maybe Not, I

  Sighing, the lithe girl that sat on the floor with her legs in a criss-cross fashion looked up at her mirror. Barely being able to see her own reflection in it, she gave herself a crooked grin. She noticed it didn’t reach her eyes, but said nothing to herself, though sighed once more. She sat up straight and got to her feet slowly, shakily. “Ah…” There was only the sound of her breath in her empty room; in the empty apartment.

  She grabbed the nearest thing she could for support: her bedside table. She stared at the clock whose red numbers silently mocked her. 3:39 am. on a Sunday morning. She smiled at the clock, knowing her Insomnia had kept her up once more. ‘Although, it isn’t Insomnia, more so as it is that my mind does not shut off,’ she thought to herself, thinking about the past couple of months that she had barely had three hours of sleep a night.

  She yawned and gently smiled to herself, thinking about the day ahead of her; of the person she was supposed to meet up with; of the things she was supposed to do later on that night. She suddenly frowned just then, thinking of the things that brought her to her current dilemma. She yawned, and shrugged to herself about it, not wanting to get in another argument with the voices in her mind that called her all sorts of nonsense and deluding words. Suddenly finding the will to sleep, she walked over to her light switch, flicking it downwards it so it turned off, and fell face first into her mound of blankets.

  She closed her eyes, lying there for a moment before crawling into her blankets and cuddling with her favorite stuffed animal; a fluffy medium-sized black cat. She buried her head in the small material and inhaled the scent, finding it oddly comforting. It smelled like comfort. It smelled like him. The medication that her doctor had given started to take affect in her young body and she slowly doze off into a state of deep sleep; one where there was no pain, no love, and nothing from the outside world to corrupt it.


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But does not know if likes.


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My reaction when I saw that I had unread emails.

My reaction when I saw that I had unread emails.

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